Americans and brits would

Whenever a group of brits and americans get together this topic almost always comes up, and sometimes, strike that, pretty much all the time it leads to an argument about whos saying it right.

13 things americans say that brits find hilarious thetalko.

The difference between american and british work styles is not as stark as you might expect but some traditions die hard.

Americans and brits would

Giant overstock has released.

30 words that americans and brits stress differently.

Valyrian tech presents bitcoin.

Americans and brits would

The european union is facing a realization that the only thing worse than a strong germany may be a weak one.

Brits, what is the most british thing you can think of that americans just wont get?

6 major differences between how americans and brits work.

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Likewise americans, what is the most american thing you can think of that british people just wont get.

This week i thought i would compare the difference between brits and the over friendly americans.