Coin offerings very risky

Finance felipe larrain announced.

How to identify cryptocurrency and ico scams.

Europes financial watchdog has become the latest global regulator to warn investors about initial coin offerings, describing the market as very risky and highly speculative.

Coin offerings very risky

Dozens of new cryptocurrencies launch each month, and alongside these new tokens and coins comes a series of initial coin offerings (icos).

The pros and cons of investing in a cryptocurrency ico.

Esma has observed a rapid growth in icos globally and in europe and is concerned that investors may be unaware of the high risks that.

Coin offerings very risky

The european securities and markets authority (esma) has today issued two statements on initial coin offerings (icos), one on risks of icos for investors and one on the rules applicable to firms involved in icos.

But he is also one of a number of people who are worried about the future of cryptocurrency, since so many scam artists have moved into initial coin offerings (or icos).

Dutch financial regulator warns investing in initial coin.

Investors with more than 10,000 in stocks, bonds and mutual funds think bitcoin is a very risky investment, a new survey revealed monday.

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