Cryptocurrency defense foundation

State adversaries seeking blockchain sanctions resistance, details current and future risks associated with the use of cryptocurrencies by us adversaries.

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Editors note an earlier version of this article presented a skeptical viewpoint on the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency defense foundation due to lack of verifiable documentation.

Cryptocurrency defense foundation

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Cryptocurrency defense foundation

To provide a more rigorous assessment of bitcoin and illicit finance, the center on sanctions and illicit finance, a program at the foundation for defense of democracies, teamed up with elliptic, a cryptocurrency analysis provider, to study bitcoin blockchain data and illicit inflows into digital currency services.

Jordan williams is listed as a governor with the cryptocurrency defense foundation in washington.

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Fanusie founded cryptocurrency aml strategies, llc after several years of pioneering research and analysis on the nexus between cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and u.

A new report by the united states foundation for defense of democracies (fdd) entitled crypto rogues u.