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Benefits of digital financefinancial services delivered via mobile phones, the internet or cardshave been widely noted, in this report we seek to quantify just how large the economic impact could be.

Digital finance to develop

Die kryptobörse huobi schließt sich dem krypto-verband gdf an, um an der entwicklung von branchenstandards mitzuwirken.

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However, going digital requires that you first put a solid foundation in place.

Digital finance to develop

The universal postal union (upu) announced it would roll out digital financial services projects reaching as many as 800,000 people and businesses across africa, asia and the pacific under its financial inclusion technical assistance facility (fitaf) in 2019.

Accenture digital finance helps the office of the cfo align its enterprise performance management capabilities with scalable finance technology to achieve the goal of creating and securing enterprise value.

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Ifcs advisory and investment engagement with digital financial service providers, which started in 2007, has followed the evolution of the industry from 2007 to 2010, our focus was on mobile money and payments.

To achieve the most value, the finance function must develop a digital strategy that aligns with the companys overarching digital framework.

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