Etherisc insurance app win

From there was born in just a few months our first version of a blockchain insurance application the flight delay dapp in september 2016.

First blockchain-based app to insure your next flight.

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Building a sample car insurance app on blockchain in 30.

The etherisc blockchain insurance platform utilized smart contract technology to facilitate end-to-end payment automation, enhancing efficiency and automation.

Etheriscs journey began when two founders christoph and stephan met in july 2016 discussing insurance on the blockchain.

Moving to practical part, sebastian demoed a sample car insurance app built as smart contract on blockchain, as well as explained the choice behind the toolchain underlying the solution.

Status and etherisc insurance app win blockchain start-up.

Blockchainhub has announced that status an ethereum mobile client, and etherisc a decentralized insurance application as the two main winners of its blockchain start-up contest.

Etherisc is one of the insurtechs that is digitally native and beyond the piloting stage of a number of blockchain-based applications, insurance classes and other structures that can profoundly challenge incumbents in the insurance market.

Currencies nobel prize-winning.