Jawad yaqub and razormind

The honorary member of the jury in the public trial of scammers, ivan tikhonov, a blockchain community board member and the founder of bits. Ismail malik, ico strategist and ceo of blockchain lab, named an article on cointelegraph as the reason for why 6000 btc were stolen by jawad yaqub, who has launched the scams known as deos and razormind.

Article on cointelegraph helped scammers to steal 6000 btc.

A uk company razormind is going to be rivalling ethereum offering alternative options in crypto, blockchain and smart contracts to corporate giants such as microsoft, eris and ibm. Enterprise architect with 20 years in the industry who currently runs and owns razormind worldwide.

Jawad yaqub and razormind

It provides secure decentralized storage for documents, pictures, and other user data. In this weeks article, well review some of the tell-tale signs of a crypto scam one by one, as they apply to the story of our main subject, mr.

Spotting a scamcoin razormind and deos coin clarity.

Group hunter king. Much like bryce weiner from last weeks edition, yaqub has a severely inflated sense of grandiosity and self worth, which does not.

Jawad yaqub and razormind

William abu dhabi ports. To encourage local engagement razormind are partnering with the local bitcoin association in northern ireland (bani), a non-profit voice of bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrencies in northern ireland.

Ismail malik claims that he has also been scammed by jawad, though he had been a part of the jawads team during the crowdsale and knows. Tutanota provides stupid-easy email.

Razormind to open blockchain headquarters in belfast 12.

It is extremely lightweight and runs only on idle server time. Bitcoin foundation ukraine will.

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Born in northern ireland, i was the first non-white person to go my grammar school. Media, the biggest forum and news outlet about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in russia with 100,000 views per day, shares his opinion, on why ceo of razormind, jawad yaqub, had no plans to do any real work.