Kin developer program

Exceeds expectations jun. Waterloo, ontario, july 11, 2018 prnewswire -- the kin ecosystem foundation, the nonprofit governance organization for the cryptocurrency kin, today announced the launch of the kin developer. Kin ecosystem foundation, the nonprofit governance organization for the kin cryptocurrency, today announced it has approved 40 developers as participants in its first kin developer program.

Introduction kin developer program.

What is kin? Kin is the worlds most consumer-ready cryptocurrency built with a blockchain solution that supports more than 1m daily transactions. The kin ecosystem foundation wants to foster more usage of and innovation around its cryptocurrency, and thus will give up to 25 developers a total of about 3 million in the currency to develop.

Kin developer program

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Our goal at kin is to change the digital world so that you no longer have to choose between monetization and creating products that your users enjoy. Bitcoin australian banks boycotting. All contact information is to be used solely for administrative purposes as part of the second kin developer program and developing with the kin ecosystem.

Kin developer program

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On july 11, we announced the kin developer program, an initiative that will empower developers to successfully create kin-powered apps, or build kin-powered experiences into their existing apps.

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