Russia plans and has

Swiss-based fintech company building. Alternative facts have been around a while but social media could end their reign.

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Sukhoi su-37 russia jet experimental 2 supermaneuverable multirole demonstrator. Advance of wednesday.

Russia plans and has

Iraq supports the russian intervention in syria and has permitted russia to fly over iraq with its war planes. Digital finance to develop.

The crazy plan to recreate the russian empire in africa.

Moscow russias next generation of multipurpose nuclear submarines, reportedly known as the husky class, will be armed with hypersonic missiles, with the lead boat slated for launch in 2027. Son of man, set thy face against gog, the land of magog (middle europe ukraine, belarus, poland, germany), the chief prince of meshech (moscow) and tubal.

Russia plans and has

Nasa has been far from coy in its ambitions to send humans to orbit mars by the 2030s, and subsequent plans to colonise of the red planet. White house restricted access to comments in 2017 meeting, allowing only a few officials to see transcript.

Trump told russian officials he was unconcerned about election interference report. Newly discovered russian news reports prove that donald trumps personal lawyer michael cohen has told a series of bombshell lies to the media.

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44 russia jet experimental 1 proposed fifth-generation jet fighter. Russia jet experimental 6 proposed single-engine variant of the mikoyan mig-29.

Sukhoi su-47 russia jet experimental 1 technology demonstrator which showcased many technologies now used in the sukhoi su-57, for example s-duct. War with china and war with russia would have some overlapping qualities, but the pentagon needs to figure out how and where to invest to deal with both.

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